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Saturday, April 20

100,000 people in 6 days!

Thats right, in just 6 days Rippln has grown to over 100,000 users. If you are not already on-board this rocket I suggest you get on before it takes off even further!

Thursday, April 18

Current Ripple Updates

I thought I would share some Rippln updates for everyone who is following this thing. I posted some screenshots of my current ripple network and how it has grown as well as the screenshot showing the text messages I have been receiving regarding the overall growth of the entire network. It's extremely viral and even addictive in a sense to literally watch your network grow before your eyes. If you have not invited anyone yet I suggest you do, because as you can see with Rippln it's growing fast.

Tuesday, April 16

Interesting new company offering Mobile Applications, Viral Marketing and Gamified Affiliate Marketing.

What is Rippln? 

Interesting new company offering Mobile Applications, Viral Marketing and Gamified Affiliate Marketing.


The Background Story

As a young entrepreneur with visions of one day launching my own social media platform, mobile application or internet technology I consider myself very "in-tune" with the rapidly changing environment of these industries. The pure power of social media has been proven to motivate people for multiple reasons to do or think multiple things. Among these reasons lies possibly one of the biggest uses for these types of technologies, business. With this being said I have personally devoted the last 4 years of my life to pursuing an education in business administration and entrepreneurship, however like every other entrepreneur I had shifted my focus to a specific trend I perceived as an important new element in business; technology.
Furthermore, 3 days ago I was contacted by a fellow entrepreneur regarding a new opportunity he believed I would be interested in. Naturally, I kept an open mind and listened to what he had to show me. To my surprise I found myself in what is considered the "inner-circle" of an unreleased mobile application/web technology by the name of Rippln (www.ripplnmobile.com). Within seconds I knew exactly what this company was attempting to accomplish, all my research and experience has already convinced me of a large market demand for this type of technology/social media...and I knew it was only a matter of time until it was developed and launched. So here it is.

The Technology/Mobile Applications

Essentially, this organization has created several social media applications, with the first set to launch on May 27th 2013 (says inside sources in Rippln's inner-circle), among these applications exists the Rippln Communicator, which will function as a mobile communication application with similar functionality like that of Voxer, however rumors suggest this application will include features that allow the sharing of videos, audio files as well as pictures and text. The Rippln management has stated this application will be free to download, however it has not yet been specified what platforms/marketplaces the application will operate on...

In addition to the Rippln Communicator there has been unconfirmed reports of another in-house application which is set to release in/around December of 2013. This deadline is obviously much longer then the previous, and the projected price for this application appears to be much higher and may cost around $40 - $50 to download. However, this application known only as the "Rippln Ecosystem" may provide tools to independent marketers and entrepreneurs who are interested in promoting their own products through the Rippln network. However at the moment this information remains unconfirmed by the company.

The Inner-Circle

Currently the application has yet to be released and there exists no main-stream information regarding this venture...however, as an elaborate aspect of their viral marketing campaign they have launched an initial invite-only period in which only existing users or stakeholders may invite new users, and with this program comes an "opportunity" to invite users within your personal "Ripple" before the application is launched. Now, the company describes 2 benefits to doing this:

1. By inviting users now, when the application is released you and your connected friends will receive immediate free-download of the communication application and be immediately connected within the application.

2. Inviting users now who have potential interest in monetizing their social networks will provide an opportunity in the future to profit from their activities within the ecosystem.

In order to join this inner circle, you must know someone who is currently a member...like myself. And before one may join they are required to sign a typical NDA or Non-disclosure agreement.  Essentially it acts as a legal tool to prevent any competitive activity against the organization. Additionally, it may act as a primary layer of protection for organizations which believe their pure concept alone has immediate monetary value and is consequently at risk for duplication or competition. Signing this should not be a problem unless you plan to release a similar technology. 

The Five Invites

Once a member of the inner-circle, users are allowed to invite up-to 5 new users (using either their email address or phone number). Once an invite is sent it will begin with a 24 hour timer that will consequently disconnect the invitation link and render it useless. This is an elaborate design to encourage every invite to be followed-up on, as to prevent a "back-up" in the invitation process. However, what the Rippln group does not tell you is that after your first 5 invites have been successfully accepted by new users you will be provided with 5 additional invites...which means invite whoever you can/want.

The Growth

(Screen-Shot of the current system monitoring the Ripples of Phase 1 users)

Now, as I stated earlier I was turned onto this company 3 days ago. Since then I have witnessed some impressive growth on several different of their different platforms and social media accounts. Since the initial launch of their "Phase 1: NDA Phase" the Rippln network has shared with its current inner-circle members the size of the overall network and here are the numbers I was told by a more involved member of the organization:
  • Approximately 6,000 users at the end of the 1st day.
  • Approximately 10,000 users at the beginning of the 2nd day.
  • Approximately 15,000 users at the end of the 2nd day.
  • Approximately 20,000 users on the 3rd day.
With this being said, I believe this information (if correct) can help those legitimately interested to better understand the current status of this organization. And as we can see, it is growing at an exponential rate.

Fan vs. Player

Now, the big question regarding this Rippln thing is: How do I make money!? Aside from the video regarding their compensation plan (which can be viewed once logged-in to the inner-circle access), I have gathered some additional un-released information regarding the pricing and profitability of this venture.

Essentially there will be 2 ways to use the system:
  • A Fan may access the Rippln tools and use the system for social networking and communication similar to how existing social media's operate. This is the free version of the service that does not allow users go generate compensation from their Ripples, rather they benefit from the social tools.
  • A Player is someone who pays a "one-time fee" and is thus allowed to profit from the activity of their Ripples. Unconfirmed sources suggest there will be 2 tiers to this level of service the first being Domestic and the second being Global.  
      • Domestic - $300 one-time-fee
      • Global - $900 one-time-fee
The actual compensation plan is revealed in the compensation plan video accessed in the inner-circle (contact me for an invite).


I encourage anyone interested or involved in: marketing, public-relations, information technology, mobile applications, ecommerce, viral marketing, gamification or social media to get involved with Rippln now while it is in this private stage for several reasons.

1. It costs nothing.
2. It is very interesting and cool.
3. There may be a future opportunity to profit or benefit.
4. There are some great tools they will be offering.
5. Its great experience. There is nothing to loose.

So, if you are interested in checking this out just send me a email (phillyprimo@yahoo.com) or reply to this post and I will email you an invite.  Otherwise thanks for checking out my blog, keep an eye out for this company and other topics I feature.